So, 'tis the season of the wheat beer (fuck your gluten free diet) and most people go ape shit for the ever-famous Oberon. Stop teasing your taste buds and give them what they really want, FLAVOR! The good ol' folks at the Weihenstephan brewery have been making beers since, well, before pretty much anyone. Starting in 702 (yes, that's the year) they are hailed as the world's oldest brewery and anyone brewing for that long must know what they're doing. One taste of their hefe weissbier proves it. The thickness of the mouthfeel, the scent of cloves and light taste of banana, this is one of the most refreshing and delicious wheat beers available. Brewed under the German purity law of 1815, these beers can only be made of the finest hops, malt, yeast and water available. That's the best of the best, people. You can find this beer at most any liquor stores that have an import section. Go drink some history and eat some sausages. Cheers and mahalo!