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When crossing the Blueberry indica strain and the legendary Haze sativa strain, you get an absolute amazing hybrid called BLUE DREAM!!! This strain is as good as it sounds. Every aspect that you look for in a sativa and a indica strain is within this strain. This type of hybrid is considered a sativa dominate. What that means is, when you smoke blue dream you get the euphoric creativeness that you would from a normal sativa but also, you get the relaxing pain relief that you would get from a normal indica. Patients that suffer from pain, depression, or nausea love this strain because normally they would have to smoke a heavy indica to relieve the threshold of these symptoms. Which usually make you very tired and unmotivated. But, because blue dream shares the best of both worlds, it doesn't make you drowsy but still gives you the pain relief with the desired motivation. A great strain to have in the morning with your cup of coffee.

Have an awesome week!!!! Peace -Colin