I know a few months ago, I did a post about Bald Babes, with shaved heads! I've been seeing a lot of something that's called "Undercut Tattoos" in the past few weeks, on Instagram a bunch! Basically what it is, is people are shaving just a little bit of under their hair, and putting cute designs on them, from geometric line work, flowers, mandala designs, stars, and so much more!

I feel like the shaved hair trend has been very big since last Summer I'd say! I know it's nothing new of course, but I'm seeing a lot more recently amongst more than just very "alternative" styled people. A lot of people are doing it for utilitarian purposes like, their hair is really thick, and they want to take it down a notch as far as how much hair they have, so shaving a bit off definitely does the trick, and looks really awesome, and since you're shaving your hair, why not give it some pop, but adding a design, or some color! It looks great when your hair is in a ponytail!