If you've ever felt anything in life ever, as a girl, you'll be able to relate to something from Valfre! Felt really good in lingerie? Felt like stuffing your face? Felt a little sassy? Femme Fatale? Yep, Valfre has something for all of that! 

Valfre the brand all started with Miss Ilse Valfre herself! It started with her artwork, and sharing it through a blog! As the following for the blog began to grow, Ilse decided to to create a brand based off of the artwork! Grabbing inspiration from everyday life, powerful badass women, and "peppered with touches of humor and satire," it's safe to say, Valfre is perfect for any Vile girl! Her characters are the perfect representation of a Vile girl, because her girls don't care what you think about their hair, makeup, tattoos, and she's not afraid to be herself! Valfre embodies that ideal perfectly, which is why I love Valfre so much!

What has evolved from art prints, to shirts, sweaters, jackets, purses, and phone cases! I recently purchased the "100% BOY TEARS 3D Phone Case" for my iPhone 6, and it's seriously the cutest little thing ever. I've seen all of my favorite bloggers sporting it on their phones on snapchat, and Instagram, and I just had to have one myself! I was also lucky enough to be gifted a Valfre "Grow A Pair Jacket" recently, as an early birthday present! 

Here are just some of my favorite Valfre designs, pieces, and prints! I've been very inspired by Valfre recently, and I know for sure when I put that Grow a Pair jacket on, I felt so cute, but oh so powerful and like a bad ass babe! I know there need to be more companies like Valfre, who can empower girls and women and make them feel like they can run the world, BECAUSE THEY CAN!! Valfre is growing everyday, and it never siezes to impress me what she comes up with!

Mel XO