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ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! The time when we get burned, bruised and dehydrated for a day out in the hot scorching black top! Why do we do it? For a chance to party and watch a ton of our favorite bands give it all in one solid day of music. So make sure you pre hydrate and plan your day out right. Because for one day, thousands of us become family and celebrate not just any life, but the life we want to live. So come one and come all and check out unforgettable performances from our brothers in ....

Make sure you guys make it out to see these bands from our staff pics!

AUGUST BURNS RED                        LET LIVE                        BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 

OH SLEEPER                                   ARCHITECTS                      THE AMITY AFFLICTION 

STICK TO YOUR GUNS                     VOLUMES                      WHILE SHE SLEEPS 

UPON A BURNING BODY                   BMTH                            LIKE MOTHS TO A FLAME

OH DONT FORGET to creep  Substream Music  Magazine and check out a special Vile Discount Code found in the magazine! Hope to see you guys there! -VC