Starting yoga at the young age of 17, by watching instructional videos, to signing up for her first yoga class her first semester of college, all the way to currently being a yoga instructor of her own private and public yoga classes! 

Her philosophy of why she does yoga is that the human body is fascinating, and she wants to study more about it through yoga and dance. Jess also maintains a predominantly organic diet, to go along with her physical, and spiritual wellness. Jess also has a Instagram segment called "#YogaAfterDark" where she shares pictures from her practice with all of her instagram follows, and yes, they're sexy. She says the photos reflect how she feels on her mat: "strong, sensual, in-touch, confident, funky, and unapologetically me"

This is the last WCW post of Black History Month, and I can't explain how amazing it has been sharing these beautiful, strong, and inspirational black women with the people who read these posts, and follow Vile Co. Week after week this month, it's been very hard to pick who I wanted to do these posts on, because there are so many inspirational black women I follow. All of these women really show what #BlackGirlMagic is all about.