So if this post gets really wordy and ranty about how amazing this girl is, I'm apologizing ahead of time. 

Kristen aka Lil Bambii is a 21 year old fashion blogger of LIL BAMI ,stylist, and visual communications major student at  FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising)  based out of Los Angeles, California! I met Kristen a few years ago through Tumblr, back in the days when I was really into Tumblr, and had a ton of internet  friends! We were mutuals, and as time went on, we developed similar styles, and interests! She's always looked like a bad ass Baby Spice babe to me! I remember when I found out she went to FIDM, I was so jealous because it's seriously my dream school. I'm one of those people just does not like school at all, but if I lived in California, I would 100% go to FIDM. I've always wanted to be a stylist myself, so seeing a friend of mine get to do it, and do amazing with it as well, makes me so happy! 

She's been able to work with some really great companies and people like Nicki LIpstick and Gitsie Wood, ShopTunnelVision, and TiltedSole , and she has been featured on my UNIF's Instagram page, which is pretty major in my opinion! She's doing some amazing things, at just 21. She's very inspiring, stylist, and gorgeous. If we lived closer, I know we'd probably be the best of friends! Kristen is my WCW every day, let just be honest. 

Here are some photos from Kristen's blog, Lil Bambi, and a few pictures from shoots that she's styled!

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