I remember this babe from the MYSPACE DAYS! She was one of my scene inspos back in my scene days. Many many many years later, she's still so so so inspirational to me! She definitely appeals to the more girly, pink, fluffy, and glittery parts that exist somewhere in me. Miss Luna Lovebad is one of my favorite models, because her look is so sweet, but I also feel like her stare also says "I'm cute as fuck, but disrespect, and I will cut your tongue out." 

Luna Lovebad is a trans female model, that works closely with different clothing, accessory, and makeup companies, like Deandri, SugarPill, DollsKill, Valfre, So So Happy, and so many more!  On top of being a beautiful model, she also makes musicand does amazing cosplays as well! 

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