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Sonjdra Deluxe has to be one of my favorite YouTube makeup artists, hands down. I was searching for a tutorial for an all black lip, using my LimeCrime black liquid lipstick, and that's how I came across Sonjdra's channel! She reminds me so much of my sister, with their personalities, so I instantly loved her, and watched her channel for a few hours. Sonjdra was born in Canada, and currently calls Vancouver home! The 26 year old is self taught at makeup, and works as a MAC makeup artist!

I love her channel so much because it doesn't seem like she's so scripted, and robotic with her channel. You can tell she just has a great time doing makeup, and she's really just doing what she loves most! If there's one thing I don't like, it's watching someone on YouTube whose channel sounds scripted, rehearsed and boring, which is the case for a ton of YouTube makeup artists! OH. Maybe it's also worth mentioning that she was the inspiration for me getting my philtrum lip piercing! That's not an exaggeration either because I remember finding her on YouTube that night, thought her's looked SO great, and literally went out that night and got one for myself! Call it copying, call it inspiration, but I love it!

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