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This strain is the one that everyone brings up when they try to nay-say marijuana. In no way at all does Green Crack have anything to do with real crack or even butt cracks for that matter. This strain was originally known as "Cush" and hit the scene in the early 90's in SoCal. Somewhere in its travels thru California, Cush got sold to Snoop Dogg and his crew. Its said that Snoop Dogg took a few hits of Cush and said that he was going to call it Green Crack for now on because of how quickly it hits you with energy and how much he just wanted to keep smoking it. This strain is a fantastic morning weed. It gives you every benefit of caffeine and gives you a lot of creative juices. Artist tend to keep Green Crack around cause of how well it helps to break through creative barriers. A great med for anyone who needs motivation, stress relief, anti-depression and pain relief. This is one of the most sought after strains out!!! Have a hazy week ya pot heads! -Colin