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Mead is one of the oldest fermented beverages known to us, some say dating back before we knew how to cultivate the Earth. That's old. Often called honey-wine, mead is typically just that. Fermented honey. Spices or fruits can be added to create many desired flavors. Your average mead can have an ABV as high as 19%, but the good folks over at B. Nektar have been bottling lower alcohol meads for sometime now. Their most popular? A tart, sweet little number known only as Zombie Killer. Made with Michigan cherry juice, apples and honey, this thing clocks in at only 6% abv but be careful, it's ridiculously refreshing and far too easy to drink. Which means on a nice summer day, you'll be set up real nice after just a few of these. Pair with chocolate deserts, smoked white fish or pasta but, don't pair with driving. That shit is not cool. Cheers and mahalo! -Dave



Rate Beer: 98