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In the last year I have moved around living spaces quite a bit, so I'm always decorating, then stripping it all down, and packing up and moving. Hoping that's all being put to rest now, and I can actually call where I'm living now, home for awhile! But with all of this moving around, I've learned quite a few things about making a living space cute, for very little money, and very quickly! Here's a few things I've done!

1.) Obviously.. String Christmas Lights:

This ones pretty obvious, because I know tons of people who have lights up in their house/rooms, year round! I've done this to every room I've lived in for the past 4 years, whether I snagged a few strings of lights from my mom's Christmas lights stash, buying them from a store around that time of year (lots of stores sell them year-round, in different colors depending on the upcoming Halloween,) OR even a thrift store, which was the last place I bought mine and they were just $1.29! To put these up, you can use tape, nails, or thumbtacks, which all take seconds to do!

2.) Pictures/Polaroid Shots:

I recently discovered this little decor tip myself as of the other night! I'm so bad at keeping all of my polaroid pictures together, and I don't have a little photo book for them or anything. So as I've been packing and unpacking this week, I've stumbled across a ton of pictures that I forgot about completely! I started to make a little pile of them, whenever I would find one, and I started to tape them to my wall in my room, with scotch tape, and I'm starting a border of them all around the door to the bathroom, from my room! If you don't have a polaroid camera, no worries! You can use any kind of pictures to do this! 

3.) Frame Yours' and Others' Art:

If you have any kind of prints, or original art pieces made by yourself, or others, get a frame for it, and hang that bad boy up! I refuse to put any kind of paper up on my walls, unless it's framed, (thanks @SkyHookSuicide for teaching me that when I came over that one time!) You can find frames for fairly cheap at your local thrift stores, or dollar stores! Also, tons of websites online have free printable images you can frame if you don't want to go out and buy prints!

4.) Display Shelves:

You can find shelves that are pretty easy to assemble and put up, at craft stores, WalMart, Target, Big Lots or sometimes even a dollar store! I took a little interlocked square shelf from my mom's house that she had for years, but never used, and put my Polaroid camera, a pink mineral rock, and a cute little Zine that I bought from one of my favorite artists, but you can pretty much pick anything you'd like to display, that look cohesive all together! This can also be a form of storage as well!

5.) Little Plant Friends:

As a moving in gift, my friend bought me a little succulent plant as a house warming gift, and we went to the thrift store and bought a little jar pot for him to sit in, and I feel like it ties my desk together! Beware where you sit your plant friend, because they obviously need sunlight to stay alive! I try to move mine from my desk to the windowsill throughout the day! We went to the local farmers market and picked my plant up for about $7, and the pot was just $4 from our local thrift shop!

All of these ideas and TONS more, can be found on Pinterest, if you just search "Home Decor on a Budget," "DIY Decor," "Cheap Home Decor," etc. I go through Pinterest from time to time, and get new inspiration, and ideas when I feel like things are getting boring again, and I redo everything, to keep it fresh! I don't have pictures of my current space, because it's still under decor-construction, but once it's complete, I'll post pictures!