2015 needs to slow down, because I feel like I did my August favorites yesterday...... LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT!!!!!!!!


Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum

Contouring is still the huge make up trend still this month it seems, and earlier this month I told myself I'd stop using my Kat Von D foundation that's too light for me, as a concealer (IT'S FULL COVERAGE DON'T JUDGE ME.) I wandered into Sephora on a mall visit that I shouldn't have been buying makeup on, and saw they had just came out with a new concealer, and BOOM. I asked an associate at the store about it, and she said it was a dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (which I love but it's too expensive for me to justify buying) so I was instantly sold. It's definitely not as full coverage with the first layer, like the NARS concealer, but it's definitely buildable. The NARS concealer is $29, and the Sephora one is only $14 and pretty comparable, so it's definitely a new favorite! It blends easily, it comes in 20 shades, it's affordable, and is perfect for a highlight! I'll be repurchasing when I run out for sure!


Warm Beanie

This seems like such a basic thing, but where I live is in a ridiculous in between weather kind of thing right now. It's really warm during the day, and it gets really cool at night, and having a mostly shaved head, I always need to keep a beanie nearby to cover my head and ears. It's easy to throw on, be warm, comfy, and beanies look cute with just about anything, in my opinion!


@StudioMucci :

I came across this page through my explore page, and it caught my eye because of a bright pink colored picture like most of the pictures on Amina's feed! Amina Mucciolo is the founder of Studio Mucci Luxury Handmade Goods, a shop of home and party decal! She's best described as a unicorn in human form.

This month was pretty magical, because I got to see Purity Ring in concert, I went to my first Gay Pride festivities and meet some of my favorite drag queens! Overall, it was a pretty good month, but I'm excited to get into October, the spoopiest month of the year! I love Halloween so much, and my costume is going to be MAJOR. I'll probably do a video about that next month, so keep en eye out!