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First things first, before I start talking about this absolute queen of a human being, we need to have a definition of the word "androgynous":

adjective an·drog·y·nous \an-ˈdrä-jə-nəs\

: having both male and female characteristics or qualities

: suitable for both men and women

Meet Ari Fitz, formerly known as Arielle Patrice Scott. Ari is a filmmaker, Youtube personality, and star of MTV's "Real World Ex-Plosion" and called "Most Compelling Cast Member" of the season, and was also voted on Buzzfeed as one of fifteen "Androdgynous Models you have to Follow on Instagram!" Ari was discovered by a photographer at a local festival she was attending, and was introduced to a top modeling agency in San Fransisco  , and instantly attracted some really big name clients like Levi's Sprint, Michael Kors, and Macy's! When she had time between all of her modeling work, she began to chase her dream of pursuing filmmaking as she always wanted to! With just $200, Ari put together her first short film "The Anniversary," which led her to be discovered by MTV, and that's when they contacted her about doing The Real World. She jokingly responded about being on the show, landed the part, and ended up being a crowd favorite! 

After the show aired, she wanted to find a creative outlet to utilize her talent in film, and interact with her growing audience, and that's when she started her self titled YouTube channel! In just a few months, her channel took off and in no time she had over 500k views. TOMBOYISH started right there with her channel as it all started to take off! TOMBOYISH is a segment of her YouTube channel where she visits different androgynous women fashion icons all over the country, who are everything from fashion designers, rappers, bloggers and models, about what androgynous fashion means to them, all while giving fashion advice for anyone looking for guidance for dressing more tomboy! All of these women are so inspiring, and I fell absolutely in love with the TOMBOYISH segment instantly when a friend introduced me to it!

With the success of her YouTube channel, and the great response the TOMBOYISH series, Fitz then started TOMBOYISH the clothing line because there aren't many options for those that are a little tomboyish! SHOP TOMBOYISH HERE!

I couldn't think of a better time to write about Ari than right now, with the recent legalization of same sex marriage in the entire United States! I know yesterday was the last day of Pride Month, but I'm just going to continue celebrating this huge milestone we've reached as a country! 

Ari Fitz is such a style inspiration for me, especially since I'm in this very transitional phase with styles right now, and I'm trying to find a style that works for me again. I feel like this YouTube channel is exactly what I've been looking for, so I will definitely be pulling inspiration, and ideas from a lot of the styling TOMBOYISH videos! I HIGHLY suggest checking out her styling videos, and the TOMBOYISH segment on her channel!

FOR MORE ARI FITZ (because I know I definitely can't get enough of this beautiful soul)