Once only used as a blending beer to make longer aged sours seem more refreshed with a sour that had only been aged 2 years or so. Along comes a world renown beer journalist who says this beer is good enough on it's own. Aged Pale is born. Brewed in Belgium this beer sits for two years in large oak foeders. The wood is loaded with bacteria which over time sours the beer. My favorite part is this beer is made year round and can be found just about anywhere. It's best served closest to room temp where the sourness and all of the fruity and musty flavors really explode. It's honestly the model sour and can hold it's ground next to any US brewer. If you're a fan of sours or really want to appreciate what a beer can be, go out and grab some. Cheers!

My Score - 1oo

Rate Beer - 95

Beer Advocate: 91