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I've gone over a bunch of different strains and wax. Now, its time to talk about some edibles. There are a bunch of different types of edibles you can make. Anything from brownies to even fried chicken. What i'm going to talk today is True Labs Co2 chocolate covered Oreos. In all honesty, these could be considered dangerous because of how delicious they are. I call these crack cookies because as soon as you take a bite, you want another one. There are a few methods of making edibles. The most popular to the public would be canna-butter. But, that isn't the only way. You can also use Co2 oil or even use wax to make edibles. Im which both of these methods tend to be stronger. The chocolate cover oreos are made with 44mg of Co2 oil. The perks of using Co2 oil over canna-butter is the taste and potency. Canna-butter tends to taste a lot like weed and sometimes seems weak because its hard to distribute how much goes into a product evenly. Co2 is very easy to spread out in food so it has a more even potency throughout the products. The Ture Labs Oreos are absolutely great for low tolerance patients that aren't fans of smoking but need a natural sedative. They are fantastic for pain relief and insomnia.  Hopefully you get to enjoy one or two during this winter hibernation months!!! -Colin