Daewon is one of the few professional skaters taking Skateboarding down a completely unique and undiscovered rabbit hole. It shows that he really doesn't care about anything but pushing skateboarding as far down his own path and it's absolutely insane to me. I imagine the reason he uses the same board/shoes/beanie is the same reason Steve Jobs wore the same turtleneck everyday. One less thing to worry about to focus on his passion. It really perplexes me what drives Daewon to give his entire being into skateboarding when it isn't being asked of him. You just don't see many Pro's pushing themselves so hard for no monetary gain. While Tampa Pro/Street League is making skateboarding look more like Nascar...Daewon is always over somewhere else doing his thing (and by doing his thing, I mean doing things on a skateboard never before imagined) a true inspiration!