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  Ok so one of the things that makes Detroit so great is the movers and shakers in our community! The solid dudes and ladies who are breaking new ground with solid innovations and hard work. Vile friend Amy Kaherl (recently represented in the Girls Guide to Detroit Video) has started something rather unique: Detroit soup .

So heres the scoop: Five dollar cover gets you in. You sit and enjoy a meal with other mover and shakers in the community. Presentations are given on certain plans that will be voted on that night. Then everyone gets a chance to vote. The money collected at the door goes towards the specific plan that won the vote. Seems simple enough. Like one of those " why didn't i think of this!?" kind of ideas!

Our hats off to Amy and the others who created and are still running Detroit Soup.

Make sure you guys check out this video below that explains things a lot better than a two paragraph blog. -Vile