Most of you don't know who Gordon Lightfoot is. Embarrassingly, some of you (even in Michigan) can't point out where Lake Superior is. All that aside, there was once a famous ship that sank on that lake and to keep this all about lakes, Great Lakes brewing made a beer that commemorates that ship. The Edmund Fitzgerald porter. While the cooler nights are coming to an end, we've still got another month of them here in the mid-west so porter up! Perfect for a dessert or breakfast beer as it's smooth and creaminess turns into coffee dryness. Not as over bearing as a stout, you can smash plenty of these and not feel overly full. Great Lakes brewing has been making incredible beers since 1988 with plenty of gold medals to prove it. You can find Great Lakes beers just about anywhere these days and if your local watering hole doesn't provide the beers you seek, there always someone on staff to smack and ask why they wouldn't serve some of 'mericas best beers. Cheers and mahalo!