I know it was yesterday, but my posts go up on Wednesdays so I'm going to post about it anyway.


"To all the baby girls who were killed at birth because they weren’t boys. To all the girl children who were sold into “marriage” sex slavery when they were much too young. To all the girls denied an education because they were expected to grow up to be housewives.To all the girls who made it to school but were discouraged from being “too smart”. To all the girls who, even though they needed food as much as “a growing boy”, starved themselves to stay thin. To all the girls and women who have been raped, assaulted and murdered. To all the girls and women who constantly look over their shoulders while walking home from the bus stop at night, or who otherwise have learned that walking alone, even in their own neighborhood, is dangerous while men can walk about with no trouble at all. To all the women who were pressured into or forced to have children they didn’t actually want.To all the women who did work but whose accomplishments were stolen by men who did none of the work and took all of the credit. To all of the women who watched their male coworkers get raises and other perks while they stayed below the glass ceiling. To all the women who were assigned male at birth and who still struggle for recognition as themselves today. 
To all my fellow women–this is a small recognition in the face of what we go through on a daily basis. May it be one push of many towards a better world for all of us." - Shelby Prevatt (Facebook) 

I really do these posts every week, because I love to celebrate women in any way possible, and doing these posts gives me a platform to be able to spread the greatness of the women that I look up to so much, so I can share the badass women, and their ideas, skills, designs, art, business, etc with all of Vile Company's followers! Go celebrate women today, tomorrow, next week, and every other day!