Honestly id be really concerned if you claimed to know anything about skateboarding but have never heard of Rodney Mullen. Growing up in a city without a decent skate park nor anything bigger than a home made quarter pipe, we basically grew an appreciation for street skating. Personally i was always terrible at tricks but I loved watching the magic flow from Mullen. He was always my pick on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Mullen pretty much wrote and re wrote the book on tricks that inspired the world. At 14 years old he straight slayed the reigning world champ at the Oasis Pro Comp which inevitably connected him to the freight train of talent in the 80's known as the Bones Brigade.  So this week we give mad props to a legend. To a dude who inspired the world and young skaters everywhere, that you can do amazing things if you work hard enough. -Aren