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I'm stepping outside of the box with this week's #wcw feature, to bring you my ultimate crush --besides Alexander McQueen like, always..

The Koenigsegg One:1 Sweden's 280 MPH Carbon Fiber Hypercar

The name One:1 comes from the power (1360 PS) to weight (1360 kg) ratio giving the car 1 PS per 1 kg weight. The 1360 PS power output is the equivalent of one megawatt, which Koenigsegg is claiming makes the One:1 the β€˜World's First Megacar."

The One:1 is equipped with a variant of the same 5.0-litre Twin Turbo Charged Engine, used in the Ageras.The One:1 boasts a phenomena 1,360 horsepower at 7,500 RPM, and 1,000 NM (737 lb ft) of torque from 3,000 until 7,500 RPM. The total weight of the engine is only 434 lbs thanks to a the Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, and Aluminium Construction. The transmission is a 7-speed Dual Clutch Paddle Shifter.

Koenigsegg is only creating six, uniquely developed and designed One:1 Models (all of which have already been purchased.) This is one of the most exclusive production car programs ever conceived.

Now, I promise that I'll be back to crushing on all things fashion next week..
Or maybe not, I mean, I am a Motor City Girl after all...