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It's coming whether we like it or not. That old-ass bitch, winter. I often like to stave off the brutal Michigan chill with beverages of the higher alcohol content variety. Including barley wines, quads and every once in a while, a cider. Hard ciders are gaining popularity at an insane speed here in the US and people are going nuts for them. Whether you think you have a gluten intolerance(you don't) or you just simply don't like beer, ciders are becoming the choice for a lot of people now. One cider I had tried last year simply blew me away as I had never heard of ciders being made this way. Aged in whiskey barrels. And why not? Beer is. Mead is. Virtue cider out of Fennville, MI makes tons of great ciders, but The Mitten just does a mouth good. A blend of seasons past ciders and fresh pressed cider brings not only tartness, but the unique qualities a whiskey barrel can impart. Vanilla, caramel and hints of oak mix with sweet and sour aged and fresh apples. It's one of life's perfect marriage of flavors. Pair with friends and fires. Oh, and donuts. Cheers!

Rate Beer: 96

My Score: 90