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Since last week's post was more Halloween related, I figured I'd do this week's post about last month's favorites! October was a beautiful month for the most part, and nothing makes me happier than to see the change of color in the leaves, and all of the leaves on the ground. So, if there's a favorite at all for October, it's just the general visual change of season!


L'oreal Infallible Foundation

I unfortunately ran out of my Born This Way foundation recently, which is a huge bummer because that stuff is amazing, but also good as well, because it gave me a chance to try something new! I like a full coverage foundation, because I have a lot to cover up unfortunately, but I didn't want to spend so much money again, like I did on my Born This Way foundation. I looked up some reviews of some drug store foundations, and asked my online girl gang, and this foundation was recommended a few times! I went out and got it the same day, and I'm in love with it 100%! I'll more than likely continue to purchase it! 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer


Back in November I talked about the Sephora brand concealer that I fell in love with, and I found something that I like even better. It's cheaper, and I feel like it works better as well! It's not runny, sticky, and it stays pretty much all day, if you set it of course! I've been using it with the foundation I just talked about, and I love these two products together!


Layering Season

I can online do my fashion part of my favorites by summing it all up into one fall trend, and that's LAYERING. Not only does layering outfits look great, but it's obviously very useful, now that the weather is cooling down. Simple looks like putting a collar shirt under a sweater, will amp up any outfit, that much more! 

I've learned a lot about layering from one of my favorite YouTubers, Ari FitzAn OOTD selfie of mine was actually just in one of her recent TOMBOYISH styling videos, which is also pretty dope. I was wearing a layered look in the picture! HERE'S the video my OOTD picture was featured in! I did a whole post about Ari, awhile back. She's so inspirational, and stylish, ugh.



Caitlin Marks is so major, I can't even handle how amazing she is. Her makeup is always on point, and her fashion as well! She works closely with companies like Teale Coco (a brand I've mentioned here on WCW before) , and Dollskill, two companies that I love so so much! She's really sweet too! Go give her a follow!