My family had a Halloween party this past Saturday, and I didn't feel like doing my HIM costume because I didn't feel like walking around in pumps all night, and I felt like wearing my wig! I've seen SO SO SOOO many of these pop art comic book looking makeup tutorials, and it's no surprise that after finding a ton of those, it turns out there's also a TON of pop art ZOMBIE looks too! These looks are actually surprisingly simple to do believe it or not. I don't consider myself to be a makeup artist, painter, body painter, or anything like that. I like playing with makeup, and I thought I'd try something different. This was my very first go at this kind of makeup, and I think it went pretty well! I pretty much followed the tutorial that I have linked below!

One of my absolute FAVORITE makeup YouTubers, Mykie of GLAM&GORE, did a video tutorial for the "ZOMBAE" look shown above. She's an absolutely genius SFX, glam, body painter, makeup artist. Not only is she talented, she's extremely relatable! I hate when I watch YouTubers and they feel so rehearsed, and I feel like I'm watching a programed robot. Mykie is so silly, and really fun to watch. I feel like I'm just watching a friend when I watch her videos! Follow Mykie on Instagram: @mykie_ !!!! The rest of these zombaes below are also, all Mykie! 

The video I followed more closely was the one shown below by Nicole Guerriero! I love the color scheme she used so much, I hope to try that color scheme next time I do it, or if I do it on anyone else! I did pink on myself because I really just love pink, and wanted to have pink skin for a night! Really, if you know how to make some basic shapes, outlining the shapes you make, color by number, and the basics of highlights and shading, then this is a VERY achievable look! When I did it, I wasn't sure about how it would turn out, but I stuck to it. What you put into it, is what you'll get out of it, as with everything you do! 

As far as tools, and supplies go, all I used was a pink body paint from the craft store that was about $10, some cheap paint brushes, makeup brushes, eyeshadows, and some black and white liquid liner! You don't have to follow these tutorials to a T, it's always good to look up some other picture references and pull different ideas to create an original look which is kind of what I did, even though I followed this one pretty closely! OVER ALL, this was a TON of fun to do. I'd suggest doing it with a desk top mirror in front of you. I didn't have that, so I had to use a small mirror from a contour pallet that I have. You'll want to make sure you've got plenty of time to do this look. I started at about 1:30pm, and finished around 5:00pm, threw on a tutu, a crop top, some tights, and my leopard print UNIF HELLBOUNDS, put some skeleton clips in my wig, and had to rush out the door!