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1217 Griswold is a little known place that has filled we Detroit kids with some of the best all nighters and diy shows any of us could ask for. Loft after loft after loft  of punk rock heaven. Home to some of the best dudes, musicians, artists, skater kids alike! Home of the Reverend dudes and Deastro!

Check out this blog post from the good people of Vice Magazine (Thump) as they follow the story of how the residents Griswold Lofts are being evicted. 

yeah we know that thump cares about techno more than we do. but this letter is on point! Here is our favorite quote from the letter of a tenant to the editors of Vice thump.  Here is probably our favorite quote: 

"There’s no other place like this gruesome paradise where you can pay $500 a month for a 2500-square-foot loft just outside the Financial District and run a boisterous-ass venue out of it. There's no other place where you can take acid on a Friday, go run around in an apocalyptic world, come down, do shitty coke, drink shitty coffee, ride a snowmobile downtown to go see Carl Craig, or Erika, or someone cool like that, then come to again, get chased by a pack of stray dogs, die, take a vitamin B supplement, eat a taco in your sleep, have your shoelaces come untied, keep on partying, do a line of Ambien, then at some point realize it’s 3PM on a Tuesday and you're late for work." 


But dont worry THIS WEEKEND! We will be partying it up with our friends the Turtles and other rad kids and celebrating the time we spent! if you live in Detroit, you know what to do! Come Party and Keep it Vile with us!