Its that time again. Time for the 19th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo! Come one come all and get your tattoo boners on! Local Mi artist such as Mark Hedgie of signature tattoo, CarlyCunningham, Bob Tyrell, Jay wheeler and many many more! The expo will take place at Detroit's very own Renaissance Center. 

For all of you who are visiting from out of town and getting a hotel down town. What are you going to do after the expo closes down–well we’ve got you covered.

Get nuts at the Shelter Friday night for Van Halentine’s Day. Here’s a quote from the event’s description, “….hits you square in the forehead with SCREAMING GUITAR RIFFS, EXPLOSIVE DRUM BEATS, BONE RATTLING BASS, AND in the midst of it all, a figure emerges from the smoke and flashing lights.” That’s literally all you need to know.


Saturday night hit up the Magic Stick for the Fourth Annual Detroit X Detroit show! Watch 15 kickass musicians each perform a 3 song set of another locally grown band or artist. 


The Handgrendades as Phantasmorgia. 

After Dark Amusement Park as The Supremes. 

500 Club as the Suicide Machines. 


Okay, you get it. Be there or, well…. your loss.


Find out more about this one HERE!

Alright, well that was your weekend run down. 

Hope to see everyone out and about this weekend!

and whatever you end up doing...

Keep it Vile.

-Dani Fahs