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"Just a couple super fake blondes, crafting to support their root touch ups!" - Two Fake Blondes (Meghan Trimble & Katie Holland)

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Meet Meghan Trimble and Katie Holland! Two ECU Fashion Merchandiser Graduates who decided to join creative forces to create what is known today as Two Fake Blondes! All of the products are hand made by these fabulous ladies themselves, and each is made special! From hand stitched patches, tie dyed shirts, clutch bags, and one of a kind dyed jackets, these girls aren't afraid to get messy with some dye. 

They love and encourage custom orders! Another thing I love about Two Fake Blondes is that they are all about customer suggestions, and hearing what their customers want to see next!

Katie and Meghan are only just beginning on their journey with Two Fake Blondes, but I see a bright future for these girls! Check out the promotional video they made to go along with the launch of their most recent addition to their shop, rainbow tie dyed socks and panties! 

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