Many of you know about our brothers in the band Wilson . You have heard stories of their fuckery and how they are melting faces across the US. We decided to get you a closer look into the brain of Wilson frontman: Chad Nicefield.

Vile: Besides being the frontman of Wilson and having a great beard, what else should we know about you, Mr. Nicefield?

Nicefield: I was born and raised in Port Huron Michigan. Started playing music when I was maybe 10 and I started my first band with my buddies back home called Winston Churchill Youth Brigade, when I was 15 years old. got into a massive car accident when I was 16 years old and lost my life and at that point decided when I was in the hospital that I was going to change what I was currently doing which was basketball and focus all my time into making music. 180 degree change of my ongoing life choices to focus completely on music. So I mean, I pretty much am an open book You can read about anything that I’ve done because Ive just played music and shit in peoples hands for the past 20 or something like that. So yeah as far as being in a band and having a good beard and where I was grown is all Ive ever done in my entire life.

Vile: The majority of the local music scene are fans of Wilson and their “fuckery”, but for those who aren’t as familiar, how would your describe your guys’ music?

Nicefield: I would describe our music like a thousand bastard swords whipping through the air in the middle of the night or 24 bottles of PBR and then that PBR is strewn upon the floor of your weekdays worst nightmare. I’d have to go ahead and say that we’re fucking rock n’ roll. The idea of our music is to bring light and life to the live music experience. In general, rock n’ roll is supposed to be about that. So, that’s what we preach.

Vile: Speaking of “fuckery”, how did you guys come up with the word? Tell us your definition.

NiceField: The definition to me is anything that feels too good not to do. And a lot of other people can construe its kind of, I guess, oblivatory on top of that being a little bit cliché to say “it’s whatever feels good man”. But yeah, how we coined that term in general because originally when we wrote the record we named a song “Viking Pussies Fuck Off” and once that was finished and we recorded it, I was having a conversation with one of my friends and said “Dude, we just wrote this song and it sounds like full blast fuckery.” And I was like, “Dude, I think I just got the fucking records title off that. We just kind of went with the flow of it. “Fuckery” to us is the embodiment of Wilson

Vile:  What is the experience you want a first timer at one of your guys’ show to have?

Nicefield: All smiles. Might be a little cheesy but like I mentioned having a good time at a rock n’ roll show is sometimes few and far between because sometimes people are caught up in the scenery of things, if you will. They’re not so much caught up in the music and the emotions its giving them. And having your own little fucking party, if you will, is what we hope each person takes away from the show.

Vile: Wilson has branded themselves as being quite the party animals. Does this transfer over to your lives off the stage as well?

NiceField: If anyone that knows us is reading this, they know that what we put ourselves through on a daily and mainly weekend-ly basis. On the road we take our partying pretty seriously but in the sense that we put it on the stage and its left on the stage. We like to drink a lot and have a good time but like, we’re also there to be entertainers and you entertain when you’re puking on stage and can’t sing a song correctly. So I think we definitely party harder when off the stage and when we’re not on the road. 

Vile: Wilson was a part of Shiprocked a couple of weeks back… Tell us a little bit about how the opportunity came about and what the tour in paradise was like for you guys.

The tour was announced and I was talking to a team member of ours and I was like, “Hey, I don’t know if there is any way this could possibly happen but, if you could reach out and see, because one of the other bands he works with was on it. And the guy was like, ‘Yes!’” I’d have to describe Shiprocked as one of the top three experiences of my life. Number one, being what I aforementioned about being in the car accident because it changed my life from what I was doing to what I’m doing now. Number two, Shiprocked because it was fucking awesome. And number 3, is the first time I saw my own seaman shoot out the tip of my penis. So if you could sandwich Shiprocked in-between losing your life and I guess, bearing life, I guess you could say it was pretty fucking awesome.

Vile: What were a couple of the bands you shared the stage with during Shiprocked? What were some of your favorite performances to watch?

Nicefield: I kind of went onto the ship not having like a sour attitude towards the lineup but this isn’t something I would particularly listen to, like, its not something I’m currently jamming. But I left with a completely different situation because these are all bands we all have listened to at some point. Like we’re talkin’ Papa Roach, Sevendust, Candlebox, Living Color. Like, that was one of the most incredible things for me because I got to see Living Color play. So I would say, out of all the things that were on there was Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment, the two best shows i saw were Sevendust because they’re a machine and I mean, there were so many good ones. The last night I watched Papa Roach for the first time ever and the ship was like was hitting all these huge swells, and it was just crazy. And these dudes just went out without a fucking flinch, and were like, “Well that’s a little weird but lets keep going!” and gave the most ape-shit performance ever. I had listened to their first record but never really did after that because my mood changed who I was but these dudes have been doing this this long and still go that fucking hard?

Vile: You said that those are band you arent necessarily jamming right now. So what are some of the bands you are listening to currently? ...No judgement

Nicefield: What i was listening to on the way here may not be what i have been necessarily jamming as of late, but I have a new found love for the band Slipknot. So i was jamming that on the way over here. But I would have to say that beyond that I have Tune Yard in my record player right now, I have a band called Gypsy Hawk form Los Angeles, a disc from a band in Detroit called Against the Grain, Silver Snake, American Sharks, Dinosaur Pile Up, Oh and the Toadies.. I'm always listening to the Toadies.

Vile: What’s on your guys’ schedule for the upcoming year as far as touring goes?

Nicefield: Well we can announce some of the tours, but we will be on the road in april may and june, We will be on a couple more cruise ships this summer. I can announce Rock'n the Range in may with Mastodon, Korn and other modern rock bands. 

Vile: Your first album, “Full Blast Fuckery”, was released last summer and kicked so much ass… What’s in the works for your follow up album When can we expect to hear some new tunes?

NIceField: Well we are currently writing that record now. We have been going on multiple writing trips, like we are headed to a cabin in march for a little over a week. We are headed out to  LA to sit with a guy and track some of the stuff we are working on. We are planning to have like written done this summer and everything recorded and done (fingers crossed) in hopes to release in early 2015!

Vile: If you had to chose your favorite song to perform, what would it be and why?

NIcefield: My favorite song to record now, is this new song that we have been opening our sets with. The song is tentatively called "Fire" for now. We are really stoked on it because its the first time that the five of us have written organically together. In the past its been me jason and james, or me jason and puhy, or kyle jason and puhy,but this is the first time we have all came together to write these songs at the same time. Mainly because some members werent at the initial writing process for full blast and they have joined the band more recently than others. 


Vile: Anything else we should know about? 

 NiceField: I have webbed toes, and one time i killed this frog when I was younger and I feel really bad about it. 


You can check out Wilsons recent video College Gang Bang below: