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For those of you who don't know. This is our boy Dave. Dave is the front man for the band We Came As Romans. We had Dave over to the studio recently and rocked out a quick interview on things going down. so here goes! 

Vile: Alright dude So whats this tour you guys are heading out on?

Dave: Oh man, Its called "The BreakDown the Walls Tour" Asking Alexandria , August Burns Red, Us  Born of Osiris and Crown the Empire. A quick month long tour just in north america.Its going to be awesome to since we've toured with all of these bands before so its going to be one big party.

Vile: You've toured with those bands before right?

Dave: Yeah every band except for Born of Osiris. Which we are excited for because those dudes are so, so metal. Which is probably why we have never toured with them before. 

Vile: Oh for real? Well how do you see your guys music? 

Dave: I dont know we are kind of like melodic, pop, hardcore kind of thing. Maybe a little bit of metal. 

Vile: Yeah you guys still have the heavy edge but  I can  remember the first time we kicked it you were talking about how even though you were in a heavy band that you mostly liked pop punk.  

Dave: Oh yeah thats funny.

Vile: I can tell that the "Melodic" part is just you guys maturing as a band and reaching out to a bigger audience. You cant play the same music forever, and eventually you've got to switch it up. But you still have enough heavy in there to make the die hard WCAR finds still excited. 

Dave: Yeah its been awesome. The new Record is Killing it! All we play anymore are new songs. They get the best response! We couldn't be happier with it. 

Vile:  What Venues are you looking forward to playing? 

Dave: This tour actually rolls through the North East, so I'm looking forward to playing out that way. Most tours will spend four or five days out in cali, so spending more time out in Boston and New York should be cool. Oh and we haven't announced it yet but it should be announced by the time this goes out. We are going to be playing The Royal Oak Music Theater on March 29th!   Its always awesome to play in front of all of our friends! 

Vile: So you are obviously used to playing all over the world but how do you feel about coming home to play in Detroit?

 Dave: Well its obviously fun to play around friends and family. but 89x has done a great job at pushing our music on the radio, so we usually come back to even more fans who have never seen us live before. so its a great time.

Vile: Well speaking of friends and family. If there is one thing I'd like our readers to get out of this whole interview its how you guys treat your friends and family. I remember the first time I kicked it with you guys, you impressed the shit out of me. We show up to the party and you guys have your like "in the scene" kind of friends, music party friends etc. Thats whatever, but you still had all of your High School friends partying with you as well. and i was like "Wait!? do these guys still party with their high school friends?

Dave: ha yeah we still do!

Vile: I was mostly impressed because a lot of bands dudes get to cool for the people that they grew up with. But not you guys. All of the dudes especially Lou and Andy have been so welcoming every time I've came over to kick it! Oh and your roommate Justin and Mike. They just want to make sure that everyone is having a good time and feel welcomed. That was a breath of fresh air as far as the music scene is concerned. Fuck i mean your Parents and Uncles are all kicking it at your New Years Party with all of us! Happy New Years Mom and Dad. And the best part was that it wasn't weird. They were super welcoming as well. 

Dave: Yeah we try to keep it real. Like my roommates : Justin I've known for six years and Mike I've known for seven years. We want to be surrounded by good people. So why not keep the good ones around! Tour life can be so surreal. So its always good to come back home and kick it with good friends! 

Vile: OK Last question. This is a you question not the rest of the band so all judgement aside. If you could pick your own tour. Who would you tour with? 

Dave: Oh shit, Id have to say Linkin Park head lining because that tour would be huge and i love those guys. Slip Knot as main support because that would make it the biggest tour ever. If money isnt a problem i'd want  Under Oath to do a reunion tour, and Architects because I've really been digging on those dudes lately!

Vile: Alright bud, thanks for answering some of our questions and kicking it.

Dave: No problem dude, ill catch you and everyone else at the Royal Oak Music Theater on the 29th! Itll be a party!