Who knew an 11 year old Christina Ricci, as Wednesday Addams, in a black with white peter pan collar dress would flash forward to 2015, and end up being such a huge trend. An effortlessly chic dress look, or a very last minute Halloween costume, accompanied by some braided pig-tails, tired eyes, pale skin, and a widows peak, the signature dress can be found at most clothing stores or websites! One of my favorite brands who kills the Wednesday Addams collar trend is a California based clothing, accessory, and shoe company, Deandri.

One of my favorite brands, Deandri , is consistently serving up some Wednesday Addams realness, whether it's a black with white collar dress, or a collared suspender crop top! They even have these fabulous BIBS! It may seem strange, but I feel like I remember thinking back years ago, "WHY hasn't anyone made something that I can put under any shirt/high neck dress as a collar?!" The internet is FULL of just little detachable collars, but when Deandri came out with the full bib, they changed the whole game! If it still sounds bizarre, check out the slideshow below, and be informed. Deandri is seriously killing the game with all of their innovative different takes on this contrasting collar trend! Every blogger I follow has sported pieces by Deandri, and tattooed mega babe, Kat Von D is crazy about Deandri. She's even gone as far to call their Black and White Grady Dress"Dress of the Year!" I think Deandri fits the whole "Vile Girl" style so perfectly!

All Deandri photos taken from their Instagram: @Deandri

Well now that you've got your Wednesday Addams dress, you just need the make-up and hair to go along with it. Watch the video below to complete the look!

This signature style looks great on anyone, and I myself have a few pieces that go along well with the theme, so for Halloween at work, I did a Wednesday look, to keep it within dress-code. Tons of stores like H&M, Romwe, and Forever 21 have all carried, or carry pieces like these, at reasonable prices!