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If you are anything like me, I love when I smoke some green that motivates my creativity to the point that I can't stop whatever project that I start til its finished. Mother's Helper is by far one of those strains. I absolutely love the earthy sweet smell and taste. It will have your head on cloud 9 for hours. This strain is a hybrid of the sativa Chocolope and the indica Northern Lights #5. The mix of is compared to heaven and hell for how completely opposite the two strains are. Mother's Helper is the type of smoke that leaves you feeling positive, creative and stoked on life. I hear a lot of patients like to have this strain around for anxiety, stress, headaches, pain and any type of depression. I would have to get it an A++ for its capability to knock down any writers block you might have. If you find Mother's Helper, I recommend you buy all of it and save as much as you can. Let me know so I can partake in the party as well. Have a great week friends! Smoke one for me!!! -Colin